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His Imperial Majesty

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Leblandia is a sovereign, independent nation. Not a club, hobby group or RPG game. At this moment our country exists more as a culture then state, within the territory of Poland, as a state within a state...            --> more



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  Principles of Recognition

The recognition of a nation should be interpreted as the unreserved support of the national aspirations for independence of that nation, and a willingness to deal in a friendly and open fashion with that nation

The following should be considered a general guideline for the minimum requirements for diplomatic recognition by Leblandia:

  • Stability: the nation having been in active existence for some time (min. 60 days)

  • Activity: the continued functioning of the apparatus of state of the nation, without significant interruption;

  • Recognisability: the development of the nation in question along lines that are recognizably national or micronational in character;

  • Reality: that the nation in question shall not knowingly perpetrate fraudulent activities, including but not limited to the creation of counterfeit citizenship records; the inclusion of fantastic or mythical elements in national affairs as if they were factual; and the falsification of actual world history (particularly with regard to World War II),

  • Civility: that the nation in question shall show itself willing to deal politely with its fellow nations, and shall not propagate formal statements of bigotry towards individuals, based on gender, race, creed, political or sexual persuasion

  • Integrity: that the nation in question shall not advocate, instigate, or participate in activities which should, by any civilized nation, be considered "criminal".

  • Mutuality: that the nation in question has an active foreign policy, and does not display a fundamental unwillingness to undertake such.


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